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Best place for autobody/detailing!
Just picked my car up after body work & detailing.
My car looks new! Iris is great girl who runs office!
She’s  smart and helpful with Insurance !! And is knowledgeable of what takes place in shop.
Willie Hicks jr. (Owner) is always on hand to make sure all work is done with pride and expertise!
All around a good place and good people.
If you need bodywork done , or just great detailing.
Take your self to hicks autobody


 Again I have to say you guys kick ass!!  In my experience you are by far the best servicing center of any type that I’ve ever dealt with.  I will be giving you guys rave reviews to our insurance company.
  Thanks for being super professional

Hicks Auto Body went above and beyond to make my experience flawless. It was a wonderful experience and I would give this auto shop 5 stars. Willie Hick Jr. really took the time to make sure everything was done well, in a timely manner, and communicated everything with me. I will definitely be recommending him to anyone who need his services

To who it may concern,

My name is Melvin McKenzie and I recently filed and closed a claim with your company insurance in the last few weeks. I was refered by you company to have my car body repairs done by Willy Hicks and Son over at Hicks Auto Body in Boston, MA. With all that had happened to my vehicle in such a short time prior to meeting Mr. Hicks Jr, I was extremely nervous about the way he would conduct business. I just wanted to be certain that my car would be in good hands being that it is so instrumental in my family’s day to day routine. Once I got a personal call from Mr. Hicks Jr telling me how much he understood my situation and wanted to help, I could tell that he was a good man with good intentions and that made my experience alot less stressful. My car was finished in a week and Mr Hicks was very good about calling regularly to give me status updates on the work being done to my car. His staff and associates are a joy to interact with and given the nature of his business he keeps a very clean shop in my opinion. I would give him a 100% satisfaction rating and highly recommend sending all local claims to Mr Hicks and his business. I just don’t see how they could leave any less than pleased.

Thank you for listening,