wsr-bioMr. Willie E. Hicks, Sr. Biography:
Willie E. Hicks, Sr. is a man who has plenty of passion for automobiles. His entire life has revolved around cars and trucks regardless of the year, make and model. As a young boy growing up in South Carolina, his early experience with vehicles came by way of driving and fixing tractors and any sort of mobile form of transportation.

In the 1950’s, Mr. Hicks migrated from the south with his great love for cars to upstate New York. As a young man in his twenties, he began racing and fixing cars to earn a living. Hicks learned the art of repairing and refinishing automobiles under the watchful eye of a trained certified dealership owner and personnel. During his time in New York, he worked diligently on his craft, absorbing as much knowledge as possible. He was able to acquire comprehensive understanding of all facets of automotive repair.

Mr. Hicks gained invaluable experience and life skills while living in New York. Young talented Hicks made a decision to move to Boston, MA in 1958. His desire and relentless pursuit to own his own auto body facility was the driving force. When Mr. Hicks first landed in Massachusetts, he worked at a couple of well known car dealership to enhance his skills and to lean the landscape of his new surroundings.

In the early 1960’s, he partnered with a lifelong friend to open a small auto body and repair shop in Roxbury, MA. His time as a business owner in a partnership gave him a good taste of entrepreneurship. After 5 years of building business relationships and doing quality repairs, Mr. Hicks decided that his time had come.

In the spring of 1970, Mr. Hicks bought a building and the land of what has now become his signature accomplishment…. Hicks Auto Body, Inc. The beautiful brick colored edifice is a state-of-the-art at a 14,000 Sq Ft facility. It’s nested on the corner of Talbot Avenue and Blue Hill Ave, in Dorchester, MA. one of the busiest and most identifiable locations in the city of Boston.

For half a century, Willie E. Hicks, Jr. has built and earned his reputation in this industry the old fashioned way…. He earned it. Long before he ever attempted to repair a vehicle, he firmly believed that every costumer should be treated with honesty and respect. He always understood that the community where ever he worked would be an integral part of his success.

The fire continues to burns in the belly of Mr. Hicks for repairing and refinishing damaged vehicles. It is simply in his DNA. Even now at the tender age of 77, he arrives at work at 6am every day, anxiously awaiting an opportunity to please another client.

wjr-bioMr. Willie E. Hicks, Jr. Biography:
Willie E. Hicks, Jr. was born in Boston MA. He has lived and worked in his community for most of his life. Following in his father’s footsteps, he makes an effort to be actively involves in community endeavors while balancing civic, social and business responsibilities to enhance the growth of the family business.

His education path traveled through schools in Milton (MA), Boston (MA), and Concord (MA). Willie Hicks, Jr. is a proud graduate of Boston College where he receive his B.S. in communications in 1991. Willie received an academic athletic scholarship to play division 1 football 1987-1991. He was the first African American quarterback in the school’s history.

Prior to Joining his dad in business, Willie gained work experience with the city of Boston, The Boston Red Sox, ABC Sports, Big East Athletes Care and the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health.

Hicks, Jr. has spend a lot of his life mentoring young people in many different life circumstances and situations. He has designed, created and managed athletic and tutoring programs for the disadvantage youth. He has employed many student-athlete, both men and women, to serve as mentors role models. Jr. has raised money for charitable, meaningful purposes that he supports.

He has been recognized and honored for his efforts to help the many lives that he has tried to improve. He has served on boards and committees with common belief of his own.

Willie has spend a lot of time guiding and advising both amateur and professional athletes with marketing and contract deals to secure their financial future.

Willie has worked with his dad since January 1994. The working relationship that has been established and cultivated for the past 20 years is special. The opportunity to work with the man that made him is an experience that he cannot put properly into words. “I thank God every day for asking my dad to give my resume strong consideration for employment.”

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